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Packing Packing Packing Packing Packing Packing Anuga Food Fair Germany 2015
Packing Packing Packing Packing Anuga Food Fair Germany 2015

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Quality Control

Quality Control At the packing plant Quality Control It is an essential component of our business. The purposes of quality control in Tabasom Company...

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The History of Tabasom Raisin Processing Factory: We are pleased to meet you via our web-site and that is a good reason to introduce ourselves: The T...

Quality of Our Company
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Our company mission is to present our processing expertise and to work closely with our customer to continue to enhance the quality of our products and services.
Our aim is to become the most preferred brand by buyers and consumers and to strengthen its position in the area of Raisin exporters.


Integrity: Honesty and fairness are essential to the way we do business and we interact with people. We shall consistently treat our customers, employees, suppliers and the community with honesty, dignity, fairness, and respect. We shall conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.

Quality Control

At the packing plant Quality Control It is an essential component of our business. The purposes of quality control in Tabasom Company are:

* To protect the customers from dangers (eg contaminated foods) and ensure that they get the weight and quality of food that they pay for.
* To protect the business from cheating by suppliers, damage to equipment (eg stones in raw materials) and false accusations by middlemen, customers or suppliers.
* To be sure that our customer's current and future quality requirements are complied with.

Based on our HACCP program there are several quality control points identified and monitored in order to ensure high quality and safety of the production. Samples taken from control points are then taken to our laboratory for physical / chemical and microbiological tests.

Quality control plays an important part once the raisins are at the plant. Before the raisins are taken from their bins, we have the proper laboratory station where we can test for yeast, mold and level of moisture this will give us the opportunity to meet our customers needs and requirements, our inspectors use long prods to take samples from the middle of each box. Strict standards must be met to ensure each box of raisins are free of mold, pests and other imperfections.

Next, the raisins are "processed". They are poured into a hopper which feeds onto a series of conveyor belts and drums that remove any remaining stems,

From this point, the raisins are sent through a brisk vacuum air stream to catch any undesirable material that may have been missed. Then they're size-graded and thoroughly washed in pure water.

We are approved by the ministry of health and export promotions council of Afghanistan

Modern Technology

The raisins then move past a sophisticated laser sorter that uses light beams and a computer to determine if anything other than raisins is passing through the stream. If the computer determines something isn't a raisin, it instantly sends a small burst of air down to knock the material out of the stream into a trough below, all at incredibly high speeds!
Hand inspections are done throughout the packaging process by quality control technicians to make raisins the cleanest, highest quality raisins in the world.

After final quality inspections, the raisins are automatically weighed and packed in a variety of convenient sizes –


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Tabasom; "the best choice."
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Safety First

Product Safety has always been our top priority at Tabasom Raisin Procesing Factory We go to great lengths to meet or exceed every safety and quality standard today's consumers expect of all the products we provide. Our commitment to food safety is instilled in all our employees and is applied in every aspect of bringing these wholesome products to market starting in the fields and continuing through the manufacturing process and into the package. Consumers can enjoy our high quality product, nutrition and satisfaction of our products.

Quality & safety certification

Our dedication to product safety and quality begins in the field, and continues with each incoming load that arrives from our growers. The Q.A team inspects each of these loads upon arrival and during the packing process to ensure that we meet all food quality and safety standards. We back this effort with certified quality assurance programs and food safety personnel - an extensive team of trained professionals that audits every element of our Raisin processing operation.

To ensure that our quality and safety programs are working, Tabasom Raisin Processing Company relies on third-party certifications from proven organizations that are trusted throughout the food industry. Tabasom Raisin Processing Company is a fully HACCP-certified food processing facility,and Certified by Royal Certification Co based in Germany  (ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 )

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

All employees and associates of Tabasom Raisin Processing Company receive extensive Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and operational safety training upon hiring, and receive additional training annually to ensure that they are following the strict guidelines in how they handle themselves and our products during manufacturing.

A Good  Choice Can Change Every Thing Our expertise is in obtaining the best quality raisins from all over of Afghanistan. We then process them with the highest quality standards and technology available. All of our plants produce raisins that meet or exceed the standards of the worlds.
The majority of our raisins come from Shamali, Kandahar, Ghazni,and districts of Kabul (Desabz).
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Quality of Our Company

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